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Welcome Principal Kathy Casaus


Mrs. Kathy Casaus has a wealth of experience working with elementary children--from teaching kindergarten 11 years ago at the start of her teaching career to leading Albuquerque’s Bel-Air Elementary School as principal since 2017.  On becoming principal of Acequia Elementary School, she said, ““I am so honored and excited to join the Acequia Madre family. I look forward to sharing in the collaborative mission of the students, staff and community, and returning to my Santa Fe roots.”

Mrs. Casaus holds a doctorate of jurisprudence, which she earned from UNM Law School, an Alternative Teaching License and an Administrative License.

Before leading Bel-Air Elementary School, Mrs. Casaus was an administrative intern there.  Just months later, she advanced to principal. As principal, she implemented modified programs on engagement and behavior to improve attendance, attitude and relationships between students, staff and the community.

She designed and built the school’s STEM lab and facilitated staff professional development to promote school-wide inquiry learning strategies.  At Bel-Air, families were involved with the STEM lab, classrooms, campus beautification efforts and community festivals.

As an instructional coach at Albuquerque’s E.G. Ross Elementary School, Mrs. Casaus facilitated teacher collaborative inquiry to test out instructional approaches and worked with teachers to provide different avenues to learning for students.

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