Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association Clubs
Hello AMES community!

We (Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association) know Acequia Madre has its own wonderful music programs, and we wanted to make sure we reached out to offer additional programming for any interested student you may have! 
As always, we have sliding scale tuition to make sure finances aren't a concern, and instruments are available with discounted rent as well.
Strings We no longer have Elementary Strings, but we DO have beginning orchestra for 5th and 6th graders! Running Start Beginning Orchestra will get them going as brand new beginners on violin, viola, and cello. Of course your students already have violin experience, but if they'd like to learn viola or cello they'd take it and run! For those who are ready to audition for more advanced ensembles, I've also attached our orchestras flyers. Auditions are later this month, so if they decide they'd like to give it a try, have them give it their best shot with the time they have! 
Band Band students who have one year on trumpet are able to join Mariachi! There is a class for those who have never played in a mariachi ensemble before (Pasitos Clase de Mariachi), and one for those who have (Mariachi Citlali).
Guitar/Guitarron/Vihuela Any student 3rd grade and up who would like to play Mariachi guitar, guitarron, or vihuela may start as brand new beginners in Pasitos Clase.  There's something for everyone!
Petting Zoo Please let me know if you're interested in having us come visit your students, and present an instrument petting zoo! They can hold, touch, and play the instruments, and see if one seems like the perfect fit! 

Click here to see flyers for each of the offerings. Thank you!!